Auto Insurance

The State of Michigan requires owners and operators of automobiles to carry auto insurance with liability and property damage coverage that covers injuries caused to someone or their property by the drivers actions. This coverage is commonly referred to as P.L.P.D., or Personal Liability & Property Damage, but it just the beginning of the available coverage an auto insurance policy has to offer.

Physical damage


This coverage will pay to have your damaged vehicle fixed or replaced if it is involved an accident with another vehicle or stationary object, like a telephone pole. When it comes to purchasing collision coverage, there are three different options to consider:

Broad form collision will waive your deductible if your found not to be at-fault of an accident with another vehicle that caused damaged to your vehicle. You would still be subject to the deductible if you are found to be 51% or more at-fault.

Standard form collision (a.k.a basic or regular form) requires that you pay your deductible if a claim is made, regardless of fault.

Limited form collision only provides collision coverage due to an accident if you are determined to be less than 51% at-fault. If you are found to be at-fault, limited form collision insurance will not cover the costs of fixing your vehicle.

Comprehensive (Other-than-Collision)

Comprehensive insurance will pay for physical damage to or the loss of your vehicle due to a covered cause, like fire, theft, vandalism, and hitting an animal. Like collision, a comprehensive claim is subject to a deductible. Comprehensive insurance also covers glass breakage, chips, and cracks. If you choose to purchase comprehensive coverage, we would encourage you to consider adding a glass breakage endorsement, which will waive or reduce your deductible in the event of glass claim.

Optional Coverage

Roadside Assistance provides stranded motorists with mechanical and towing services when the vehicle is unable to be driven. The most common situations a driver uses roadside assistance includes towing service after a breakdown, changing a flat tire, and jump starting a dead battery.

Gap Coverage is a physical damage coverage that will cover the amount owed on your auto loan if it is greater than the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of loss. This coverage is only available on new vehicles that have not been previously titled.

Extra Expense reimburses you for the cost of a rental vehicle if your vehicle is under repair due to an accident. Without this endorsement, if you are in need of a rental vehicle while yours is in the shop then you will be responsible for the out-of-pocket costs associated with it.