What is a BUSINESS-OWNERS Policy?

Commonly referred to as a "BOP" in the insurance industry, a Business-owners Policy is a package of insurance coverages for small and medium sized businesses that generally face the same kind and degrees of risk. 


A BOP provides coverages for property, liability, and business interruption:

  • Property Coverage:
    • Coverage for your buildings and contents.
  • Liability Protection:
    • covers your businesses legal responsibility for harm it may cause to others. This is the result of you or an employee doing or failing to do something that caused bodily injury or property damage to another, or caused by a defective product, faulty installation, and other errors made in services provides.
  • Business Interruption Coverage:
    • Covers the loss of income resulting from a fire or other covered cause that disrupts the operation of the business. It can also include the extra expense of operating out of a temporary space. 


BOPs do not cover commercial auto, professional liability, workers compensation, health, or disability insurance. We are able to offer these coverages in addition to a BOP policy, check out our commercial coverages page for more information. 

Is a "BOP" right for me?

If you're a start-up, small, or medium size business then it is likely that a BOP is for you. Contact an agent today to help determine your coverage needs and to learn more about the benefits of a Business-owners policy.